Lawn mowing service

Mowing / Whipper Snipping

At our property maintenance service, we provide comprehensive lawn care that includes lawn mowing and whipper snipping. Our lawn mowing service utilizes the latest and most efficient equipment to deliver a clean, precise cut for your grass, taking into account the season and type of grass to maintain its health.

Our team of experts also ensures that all edges and corners are trimmed for a polished and aesthetically pleasing look. In addition, we offer whipper snipping to precisely trim hard-to-reach areas like around trees, garden beds, and fences. 

General Yard Maintenance

Our general yard maintenance service is designed to keep your outdoor areas looking their best all year round. Our team of skilled technicians provides a range of services including pruning, trimming, weeding, and debris removal to keep your yard tidy and healthy.

We also offer seasonal planting and mulching services to enhance the overall appearance of your property. Let us take care of your yard so that you can focus on enjoying it!

general yard maintenance service
Hedge Trimming service

Hedge Trimming

We understand the importance of timing and adjust our trimming schedule based on your hedge species and growth patterns to promote healthy growth.

Our specialised equipment and techniques will ensure that your hedges are trimmed evenly and to your desired shape. We also remove all debris and waste, leaving your property looking well-kept.

Tree Pruning

Pruning can best be used to encourage trees to develop a strong structure and reduce the likelihood of damage during severe weather.

Our tree pruning service is designed to prioritise the health and appearance of your property’s trees. We follow the latest industry standards and best practices to encourage healthy growth while enhancing the overall appearance of your property.

Tree Pruning service
Weeding _ Herbicides service

Weeding / Herbicides

Our team at Whip & Snip Property Maintenance applies the latest industry-standard techniques and utilises environmentally friendly herbicides to prevent future weed growth.

We will eliminate weeds, grasses, and other unwanted vegetation without damaging desirable plants to achieve a clean, well-maintained look for your property.

Green Waste Removal

We are equipped to handle all types of green waste, including grass clippings, leaves, tree branches, and other organic debris.

We perform proper disposal and adhere to all environmental regulations when removing and disposing of waste. This will guarantee that all waste is removed efficiently and safely.

Green Waste Removal service